Tara Spruill-Jones, CPA

Tara Spruill-Jones, CPA is a tax professional and financial educator. She received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University, and her MS in Accounting and MBA from Northeastern University. She spent several years in "Big 4" public accounting specializing in expatriate and ultra-high-net-worth taxation. In 2016, Tara joined Abramson & Associates, LLC, a tax accounting and estate law firm that has been serving the Palisades since 1981.

Tara is a passionate financial literacy advocate and teaches financial and wealth literacy workshops throughout the District to both children and adults. She also volunteers as a subject matter expert with Operation Hope assisting aspiring entrepreneurs with tax, accounting, and budgeting.

Tara has been a Palisades resident since 2017 and in her spare time enjoys working out, going overboard with HGTV-inspired DIY projects, and taking naps with her cat, Miss Kitty.


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