Caramai Johnston

I started working as an Administrative Assistant at Abramson & Associates in January of 2015.  I am proud to say that I now understand why Eddie Abramson – my dad – needs a vacation every April 16th.  I learned more in my first tax season here than I could ever say and it has been an incredible experience.  This is a wonderful office full of amazing people.  They don't even mind that I have a furry shadow (my dog Canoe).  If she's lucky, they will even hand out belly rubs and treats when they need a break.  My hobbies include old movies and TV shows, hanging around the park with Canoe, knitting my way to China, and trying not to fall asleep by 8.30 pm every night.  Oh, and my name is pronounced "Care-uh-my" - I know it's weird but I will admit it's a great conversation starter!


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